About Navigate Maps

navigate-maps-compassMaps help explain the world. At Navigate Maps we address all types of maps from the physical to the more esoteric. They put a logical order in things whether it’s directions, calculations, gathered statistics or investigating unknown territory. Maps play an important role when constructing a framework to make sense of what is around us and within us. At Navigate Maps we love writing on all things maps.

Where would we be without maps? That’s an inconceivable concept, as maps have been around since early man as seen depicted on the walls of caves. Antiquity shows physical maps made in stone dating as far back as 600BCE.

We are fascinated by the fact that maps are often designed to help us journey the unknown. Maps are the guideposts when heading in any direction physically, mentally and even spiritually – like the map of the Chakra system. Maps give us the side rails and signals to follow to get to where we intend to go. They are powerful tools and we at Navigate Maps like to share various perspectives and study maps in unique and different ways. What can they tell us besides the obvious?

Today the most often used maps are climate maps, geographic maps, topical maps, resource maps, road maps, trail maps, economic maps, but the list can go much farther. At Navigate Maps we will go in any direction the map takes us on any given day. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate you following us on a journey of navigating life using its many maps.