Emotional Mapping

Paul's brain mapping

The basic premise of a map is to assit us in navigating from one point to another, giving vital information illustrating whatever might be between those points. Mapping is guided direction, whether that leads to exterior terrain as in terra firma, the crevices of our oceans or the exploration of our endless universe.

But maps also serve to navigate the inner worlds of the human being, that landscape that constitutes us as humans. Navigate Maps enjoys reporting on the mappings of our outer worlds, but how does mapping apply to our inner worlds?


Bio Mapping
As humans we all go off the wall once in a while – how about off the map? Health care practitioners have constructed a guideline known as a bio-map indicating healthy parameters for “acceptable” behavior. Also referred to as emotional mapping, it is used as a diagnostic tool when assisting an individual through the territories of life. As we all know, life is not always a chauffeured party bus ride and most of us should use all the guidance we can get. Read More